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You find yourself with some time on your hands while we live through these COVID 19 times.  Now is probably the best time to get that website up todate or build a new one!  The first thing we all do is Google – “Free Easy Website Builder, Free Easy Website Builder, Free Easy Website Maker, Free Easy Website Creator” .  Once you have done your research and discovered that Wix allows you to design and build your own website or online store without needing to know how to code.

Redbax Website Design has been helping Adelaide Wix Website Clients for years.  Wix Websites are super appealing as they promote that they are easy to use, reasonably priced, offer large range of templates and offer a free trial.

Wix Pros

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • A large range of templates is provided (500+), which are of a high quality and feature useful sample content.
  • A built-in email marketing tool is provided in Wix, and it’s pretty good value (if rather basic in terms of features).
  • SEO features are pretty good (the lack of responsive website design aside).

Wix Cons

  • When Adelaide Web Designers – Redbax Website Design build sites we always custom design the layout ( what this means is that no two layouts / templates are the same).  This means that we can change the look and feel to the website by applying a new skin.  When you build the Wix website you only get once chance to select the wix template as unfortunately you cant apply another wix template after you have built it.
  • Mobile Friendly  – Wix uses something called absolute positioning, which means web elements are positioned by pixel rather than relative to the user’s screen. Absolute positioning gives you more flexibility in positioning elements (text, images, forms and so on), but means your website will not adapt as well to different screen sizes.  Adelaide Website Designers use responsive design, meaning that page elements are positioned relative to the screen of the viewing device, and your site design will automatically adjust so that it displays nicely on any device it’s being viewed on. Google recommends responsive design too, as a way of ensuring good search results.
  • You can’t export your website data or access code  ( Redbax Website Design works with code all the time to fix website issues)

What we have found over the years is that our clients spend hours and hours choosing templates and dropping and dragging images and are usually fairly happy with the unfinished site.  This is where Adelaide Wix Website Help can you with your new website.  Adelaide Wix help can be found at Redbax Website Design – we can help:

  • Edit my Wix site
  • Update your Wix website
  • Finish your Wix website
  • Copy your Wix website and recreate with a responsive mobile friendly website
  • Get your Wix website to rank on Google.


 Website Designers Salisbury North “Adelaide Website Designers – I used Redbax Website Design to help me build a website from scratch with a complicated pricing structure. Karla and her team were excellent to work with, patient, professional and very responsive, providing excellent advice and a different point of view at each stage of the process. They continue to provide help and excellent service and I would not hesitate to work with them again..”

“We just completed our new website with Redbax Web Design and are so excited to have it live!! It is so professionally done and eye appealing, not to mention how great it looks and works with mobile devices. We love how easy it is to make changes ourselves, (after some training from Redbax – thanks Karla) yet know we have the support when/if we need it.”

“Excellent company to deal with, great knowledge when it comes to anything to do with domain names, websites, emails and google rankings. I would highly recommend Redbax Website Design!”

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